Clermont Landscape Installation

Landscape Installation Service in Clermont, FL

Collaborating closely with you, we refine your ideas with expertise to ensure your landscape installation project is completed with superior results. Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives our tailored approach to every project.

Let Tropicality Build Your Perfect Oasis with Expert Landscape Installation

Transform your outdoor space into a gorgeous landscape tailored to your unique preferences. When we install your tropical landscaping, we do so with knowledge and care, using the highest quality materials and professional practices to create your perfect outdoor oasis. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for creating beautiful, functional spaces, we ensure your vision comes to life seamlessly and exceeds your expectations.

Clermont Landscaping Plant Installation
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Clermont, FL Landscaping Installation

Whether you’re looking for landscaping for your new home build, or to spruce up your existing curb appeal — Tropicality can bring your tropical oasis to life!
Bed Cleanup

Revitalize your landscaping by removing weeds, debris, old mulch, and plants in preparation for new landscaping

Border Installation

Borders can help define existing or new beds, keeping mulch and rock from washing away and helping to prevent grass encroachment.

Mulch & Rock Installation

Our mulch and rock installation service meticulously layers your garden beds with premium mulch and decorative rocks, enhancing soil health and adding a polished, aesthetic touch to your landscape design.

Trees & Shrubs

Expertly selected and planted, a variety of trees and shrubs tailored to your landscape’s climate and design create a lush, vibrant outdoor space that matures beautifully over time.

Fruiting and Edible Plants

Installing fruiting and edible plants adds a delightful, functional element to your garden, providing fresh produce while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

Rock & Hardscaping

Rock and hardscaping transform your outdoor areas into elegant, low-maintenance spaces that blend natural beauty with functional design, perfect for creating stunning, durable landscapes.

Yard Waste Cleanup

Existing Bed Cleanup

Cleaning up and reviving old landscaping beds breathes new life into your landscaping. We’ll remove weeds, dead plants, and debris, followed by loosening up the soil and preparing for new plants suited to your aesthetic and environmental conditions. This rejuvenation process not only restores the beds’ beauty and health but also revitalizes the overall appeal of your outdoor space, making it a welcoming and vibrant area for relaxation and enjoyment.

Tropical Landscaping Curb Appeal

New Plant Installation

Discover the enduring elegance of hardscape features that add dimension and character to your landscape. From layered stone elements to rock ground cover, our designs incorporate natural elements to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your outdoor space. Let us create captivating rock features, such as a tranquil rock garden, that seamlessly blend with your surroundings, adding interest to your landscape design.

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Banana Edible Plants

Edible Plants

Installing edible plants not only beautifies your landscape but also offers the joy of homegrown produce. Along with careful placement and planting, we provide expert advice on care, including watering, fertilizing, and pest management, ensuring your edible plants thrive and yield delicious, healthy fruits and vegetables for your table.

Hedge Privacy Landscaping

Landscaping for Privacy

Installing landscaping specifically designed for privacy transforms your outdoor space into a secluded retreat, using carefully selected trees, shrubs, and hedges that grow to create a natural barrier. This approach not only enhances the beauty and tranquility of your property but also provides a lush, green screen that offers year-round privacy from neighbors and passersby, ensuring your personal oasis remains undisturbed.

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