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Tropicality provides expert landscaping and accent lighting services to Central Florida homeowners. Boost your curb appeal today!

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When you choose Tropicality you can trust that you’ll be happy with the end result. That’s because we love what we do and want you to love it too. We source quality products like healthy plants, beautiful stone, and superior landscape lights. Every job is personally checked by the owner and followed up on down the road. We want to make sure you have long lasting results that you will enjoy for years to come.  

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Landscape Lighting

Brighten up you home and add some night time curb appeal with our low voltage landscape lighting. All of our fixtures are constructed from brass, have long lasting LED lamps and are backed with a lifetime warranty. We have a wide variety of lights for any application that will add safety, security and beauty to your home.


The Transformer is the heart of the lighting system, giving the lights power. Our transformers are enclosed in a stainless steel waterproof casing and are customizable based on the size of the job.


The timer is the brain of the lighting system telling the lights when to be on or off. Our timers use photosensors that sense when it is dusk to turn on and has adjustable shut off times.

Lighting Fixtures

We offer a variety of lighting fixture styles that we carefully choose based on their application. The LED lamps we use have a long lifespan, use very little power and are customizable in light temperatures from the modern cool white to the classic warm white glow.

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Landscaping Design & Installation

Let Tropicality do the hard work for you with our personalized approach to landscape design and installation. We come meet you for a free consultation, get an idea of your vision and start creating your new look based on our recommendations. Tropicality specializes in redesigns, cleanups and brand new installations of all different sizes and styles. Message us to create your oasis today!


A landscape border can help improve your new look by defining the landscape bed, protecting your plants from lawn care and keeping unwanted grass out. We offer a variety of borders from simple metal barriers to customized cement curbing.


We choose plants that best fit your new landscape based on sun tolerance, water requirements, appearance and maintenance levels. After our design process, we remove unwanted plants and install new healthy ones creating a beautiful end result!


To finish your new look we offer a variety of ground covers that will help accent your new plants and help keep the weeds out. Whether it’s colored mulch or decorative stone we’ve got you covered!

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